No. 29- Magical Mystery Tour

Album: Magical Mystery Tour

Artist: The Beatles

Year Released: 1967

I really got into this album...
Summer 2008

Favorite songs include...
Strawberry Fields Forever
I Am The Walrus 
Baby You're A Rich Man   

Why it’s so good... 
The most random piece of work you'll find. This is the culmination of The Beatles' amazing ability to write great pop music and their psychedelic experimentation. The first thing I think of for this album is actually not the music but rather the images associated with it- from the ridiculous cover art to the pre-MTV music video for Hello Goodbye. It just captures the feel of this album- colorful, playful, and often times bizarre.

And this is definitely a John Lennon album. I mean John's got some really amazing songs on other albums, but this is the highest concentration of solid tunes from him. Which definitely explains the general mood and feel of the album.
It's definitely one of the more creative albums of that era, going against any remaining rules that the Beatles had kept around after Sgt Pepper's. But it's not groundbreaking for the sake of being groundbreaking. It's just different because they were trying to get to a part of the heart that requires some different methods.

And be sure to listen for the cryptic, low-voiced phrase uttered in the last seconds of "Strawberry Fields Forever" (panned to the right side if that helps).


  1. My favorite Beatles album.

  2. Great album obviously. In one of my proudest thrifting moments, we found this in near mint condition with the the original booklet at a Savers for $0.25. That's right. $0.25.