No. 31- Spending Time on the Borderline

Album: Spending Time on the Borderline

Artist: Ozma

Year Released: 2003

I really got into this album...
Summer 2003

Favorite songs include...
Spending Time 
Game Over 

Why it’s so good... 
A lot of Ozma fans don't really get behind this album for some reason. Maybe it's because they tried to write less playful emo rock. 
Whatever it is, I think this album is exceptional, especially for Ozma.

I think it's cause it's got a little bit of everything. From funky harmonies to sappy love songs to college age ballads to face-melting guitar solos- it's all here.
You've also got two old-school Ozma songs that finally found themselves on albums in "Eponine"- easily one of the most epic songs ever written (have you heard that buildup?!)- and "Game Over"- classic Ozma with heavy synth, rocking guitar, and an overwhelming presence of Nintendo references.

I think I just love this album because it's a band I knew and loved and respected that was trying to do something bigger. Something more than they were expected. 
Light years will burn, but I will still turn up the volume when this album comes on.

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