No. 35- Room On Fire

Album: Room On Fire

Artist: The Strokes

Year Released: 2003

I really got into this album...
Summer 2003

Favorite songs include...
Between Love & Hate 

Why it’s so good... 
I love The Strokes for their ability to keep their music so basic, and yet it packs such a punch. 
There is no Strokes song- particularly on this album- that does not possess an awesome and incredibly catchy guitar riff along with an equally catchy lyric hook.

At the time this album came out, I was approaching my songwriting with the mentality that each part needed to have dense layers of complex instrumentation accompanied by 3-part harmony. Not that this is a bad approach, but The Strokes showed me music can be fun and catchy but still possessing a certain element of danger and rock spirit.

And I still want to know how they got the guitar to sound like that on “12:51”.

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