No. 28- Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack

Album: Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack

Artist: Devotchka/Mychael Danna/Sufjan Stevens/Various

Year Released: 2006

I really got into this album...
Summer 2007

Favorite songs include...
The Winner Is
You Love Me 

Why it’s so good... 
In my mind it's a little taboo to include a soundtrack on a list like this. I don't know why- it really doesn't make sense. But that's generally how I feel about it. Maybe because soundtracks are generally so dependent on the film they're for.

But this soundtrack is pretty superior to any soundtrack I've encountered. On its own, it stands pretty strong. I'm a sucker for 2 things that this album does really well-
1. I can really get behind a good instrumental song. And this album- as you'd expect from a movie soundtrack- is mostly made up of instrumental songs. But not like a score necessarily where it's an orchestra that is so disconnected from the other artists on the album. You really could imagine most of these songs being played by the same band throughout.

2. Going along with all that is the fact that this album flows so well from song to song- much like a movie. It follows a theme, a sound, a mood, and continues without any breaking of that along the way by some pop star that would help to sell records. Many of the songs feature the same melodies, but not in a repetitive way. Rather it accomplishes the synthesis that I was talking about.

And my favorite part about this album- it's ideal as road trip music.
Seriously, listen to it from start to finish on your next road trip.
Ok, you can actually skip over "Superfreak".


  1. I don't think a lot of soundtracks could or should be on a list like this, at least not the soundtracks that are essentially a compilation of songs that were chosen for the movie. Of course there are exceptions to this.

    A soundtrack that was written for the movie, on the other hand, that's OK. I'd have no problem including The Empire Strikes Back and Amelie on my list.

    I haven't listened to this soundtrack (other than while watching the movie) but it seems like this would be more of the latter.

  2. Amelie is definitely one of the best soundtracks out there.