No. 23- Static Prevails

 Album: Static Prevails

Artist: Jimmy Eat World

Year Released: 1996

I really got into this album...
Winter 2001

Favorite songs include...
In The Same Room"
Thinking, That's All 

Why it’s so good... 
My first listen to this album was immediately after Steven J. Packer purchased it at Best Buy and we were driving home in his brother, Keith's, car. I think it was a truck actually. And I instantly fell in love with it.

I've always considered the members of Jimmy Eat World unappreciated for their skills on their respective instruments. Jim and Tom are solid guitar players/songwriters. Zach is arguably one of the best drummers around right now. And Rick... ok, maybe not all of them are so impressive. But the best evidence I can use to back up this claim is Static Prevails.

More punk rock than I'm used to, yes- but it's definitely got some classic JEW emo in there (which is the best kind of emo). Tom delivers some of his best tunes in "Seventeen" and "Episode IV". And Jim steps up to bring the rock ("Thinking That's All"), the catchy ("Call It In The Air"), and the ultra-beautiful ("Anderson Mesa").

And if you only hear one segment of this album, catch the last little bit of "Digits". I often times listen through that whole song just to hear that part. It's mind-numbingly gorgeous.

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  1. I love that very last chord at the end of "Digits." I've tried to figure it out so many times without success.