No. 26- O

 Album: O

Artist: Damien Rice

Year Released: 2002

I really got into this album...
Winter 2004

Favorite songs include...
Older Chests 
The Blower's Daughter 

Why it’s so good... 
Every time I record music, all I'm really doing is ripping off Damien Rice and what he does so well.

My friend Steven gave me a copy of this album in high school. I took it home and started it up. I quickly picked up the vibe and mood of the album, as any great first track should do (check "Delicate") so I paused the song, turned out the lights, laid on my bed, and cranked the volume.

This album is so good because it's so raw. It sounds like a band playing gorgeous acoustic music in a Irish coffee shop. It's so full of emotion. Again, the total lack of the over-produced sound of modern pop/rock music really gains my respect.

And there's just something about an Irish accent subtly coming through on a song.

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