No. 21- Is This It

 Album: Is This It

Artist: The Strokes

Year Released: 2001

I really got into this album...
Fall 2002

Favorite songs include...
“Last Nite"
“Trying Your Luck” 

Why it’s so good... 
There's just something to be said about an album that you can listen to, start-to-finish, and love each moment of it. And it's not like those modern artists who try way too hard to write something catchy or meaningful.
The Strokes just do it. They've gotten it down so well that they make it look easy.

This album holds the attitude and energy of their New York roots.
Along with some of the catchiest guitar parts I've ever rocked out too.

I honestly feel like this is one of those albums that defines my generation. It not only holds the sentimental value but also the defining energy of that time, I think.
It's timeless.

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