No. 19- Has Been

Album: Has Been

Artist: William Shatner

Year Released: 2004

I really got into this album...
Spring 2007

Favorite songs include...
“Common People” 
“You'll Have Time"
“I Can't Get Behind That” 

Why it’s so good... 
Let me start by making one thing clear- yes, I'm absolutely serious. This album easily made my top 20 albums.

What are things you want out of a great album? 
The ability to listen to it over and over and have it never lose it's freshness? This album does that. A unique quality in the songs and their recordings? Has it. Memorable tunes that you're always down for hearing? Done. Produced and co-written by Ben Folds, the album features amazing songs with an impressive range in style. Starting with a cover of the Pulp standard "Common People", you get tastes and blends of spoken word, country, jazz, hard rock, and electronica. And on top of that you have a lineup of guest artists that just add to the fun. Joe Jackson, Lemon Jelly, Henry Rollins, Brad Paisley, and Ben Folds all contribute musically to a song on the album.

And of all the albums I've written about thus far, this one has been the most difficult to choose only 3 songs as favorites.
Cause really, each song on this album is exceptional in its own way.

But the thing that sets this album apart from the rest is how serious it's taken by Shatner.
I think people pick up because they think it'd be funny or amusing. And for the first little bit, it is (it's hard not to find "It Hasn't Happened Yet" pretty amusing). But as you get further in the album, you realize the guy is absolutely serious in his pursuit to make a quality album expressing his views and feelings.
Still don't believe me? Listen to the song "What Have You Done". If you know of Shatner's wife's tragic death- you'll know the guy isn't just doing this for kicks and giggles. And follow that up with a song like "Together"- gorgeous and surprisingly inspiring.

The truth is, I think this album is one of the more artistic efforts of any artist in the last decade.
 Seriously. Give it a listen.

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  1. This album rules. "Common People" is probably one of the best covers ever.