No. 18- Keep Moving

Album: Keep Moving

Artist: Novi Split

Year Released: 2003

I really got into this album...
Spring 2006

Favorite songs include...
“Glory! Glory!” 
“I Had You"
“The New Split” 

Why it’s so good... 
I've talked to David J- the man that is Novi Split- on two occassions.
The first time was the release show for this album. Downtown Mesa at the Women's Club of Mesa (choice locations for a good show). It was his first time in Arizona and he wanted to grab a bite before playing so he was asking a few of us for suggestions. I found the man interesting.
The next time I saw him was winter of 2009. Having taken home his album, listened to it hundreds of times, and fallen in love with it- I had a much different opinion of David J. I knew of his musicality, his pop sensibility, and his beautiful somber voice.

And once again, there's just something special about an album recorded with barely any money- relying wholly on the vision and artistry of its creator. The recordings aren't bad, certainly, but there's this untainted quality about them. They're not polluted by the industry or simply by others who wouldn't understand the vision. It's just his child, pure and beautiful.

In the winter of 2009 I ran into David J again. I was standing next to him at a show as the headlining band was going on (which he had opened for) and decided to let my fanatic side out a bit and tell him the truth. I said "Hey, I'm a big fan. In fact, your song Glory! Glory is actually one of my all-time favorite songs". 
He paused, smiled big, and gave me a big hug. Wonderful.

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