No. 11- Figure 8

Album: Figure 8

Artist: Elliott Smith

Year Released: 2000

I really got into this album...
Spring 2007

Favorite songs include...
“Can't Make A Sound” 
“Somebody That I Used To Know"

Why it’s so good... 
It's pretty simple to explain why this album is so good.
I would listen to it each day when I'd take the bus home from school. The city, the people, the end of the long day- it was all just the backdrop to this album.

This is Elliott Smith at his best- in songwriting, guitar playing, singing, and everything else he does.
It features one of my favorite songs ("Can't Make A Sound") and is one of the best sounding recordings out there- both for clear quality and unique sound.

It's just one of those albums that's hard to sum up any other way besides just listening to it.
So do yourself a favor and give it a solid listen.

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