No. 10- Return of The Rentals

Album: Return Of The Rentals

Artist: The Rentals

Year Released: 1995

I really got into this album...
Circa 1998

Favorite songs include...
“The Love I'm Searching For” 
“Friends of P."
“My Summer Girl” 

Why it’s so good... 
Without a doubt the most under-appreciated band in the last 20 years, The Rentals are a band that everyone needs to listen to. You honestly can't get a more unique sounding band. I could compare them to Weezer or Ozma or a handful of other emo bands, and just make sure people know that they have a heavy synth presence- but that wouldn't really do it.

Matt Sharp (original bassist of Weezer and present-day myth) wrote the ideal emo music. It's catchy, but still awkward. It's got soft synth, but heavy guitar and bass. It's energetic, but has an underlined somberness to it.
It IS emo rock.
And the fact that you have Rachel Haden mixed in there makes it that much more ideal. If you don't know who she is, google her. She's basically made music with almost every great emo band there is.

I basically grew from a small boy in a young man on this album. I can remember being in grade school and loving these songs, and it's just that much more special that I listen to it in my car today. It's one of the most consistently enjoyable albums in my collection, for sure.


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  2. I don't know if I'd consider this an emo record, as it's quite different from emo bands contemporary to the time of this album's release, the mid-90s (Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, the Promise Ring). That said though, that term does work well when you compare it to the emo albums that came along at the beginning of the subsequent decade. So I guess that's just proof that Matt was quite ahead of his time.