No. 12- Hometowns

Album: Hometowns

Artist: The Rural Alberta Advantage

Year Released: 2008

I really got into this album...
Summer 2009

Favorite songs include...
“The Ballad of the RAA” 
“Drain The Blood"
“In The Summertime” 

Why it’s so good... 
Sometimes Canada just surprises me.
I mean, I thought I knew what to expect from them- Barenaked Ladies, Alanis Morissette, and the occasional Nickelback. But then they catch me off-guard.

Hometowns is the first full-length released by the RAA and certainly one of the best albums to be released in a while. It mixes everything good going on in music today (combinations you wouldn't think to mix)- you've got the acoustic songwriter feel of singer Nils Edenloff, the occassional heavy rock guitars reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins, and the unexpected and amazing beats of drummer Paul Banwatt.

I also love how homemade and personal the album sounds.
It's not polished and overly processed. It's just a great band recording their songs with what they've got.

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