No. 13- Rock and Roll Part Three

Album: Rock and Roll Part Three

Artist: Ozma

Year Released: 2001

I really got into this album...
Circa 2002

Favorite songs include...
“Shooting Stars"

Why it’s so good... 
In 2001, one of my favorite bands (Weezer) released their first album in 5 years. Upon listening I was sorely disappointed and left a little empty. Luckily I came across this band that was touring with Weezer at the time- Ozma. And as Bradley Torreano of Allmusic wrote- "it is arguably written the best Weezer album of 2001".

But I'm gonna push that much further and say that this album is exactly why I love Ozma and why since 2001 they have offered the best music of the emo rock genre- beginning with this album.
As I mentioned on previous posts for Ozma albums,- they have amazing guitar solos,  incredible singers, and perfectly catchy melodies. But this album gives a punch not often seen in modern music. Listen to a song like Battlescars and you'll know what I mean- as Daniel Brummel screams out "There's battlescars on my face and my arms but you still kiss me anyway"- your whole frame feels it.

Easily some of the best pop songs in the last decade or so. It's impossible to listen to Domino Effect and not have yourself singing along by the end of it. This is what makes Ozma great. They're just four dudes and an Asian girl who play catchy, heartfelt music.

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