No. 4- The Beatles (The White Album)

Album: The Beatles (The White Album)

Artist: The Beatles

Year Released: 1968

I really got into this album...
Winter 2004

Favorite songs include...
“Dear Prudence” 
“Mother Nature's Son"
“Good Night” 

Why it’s so good... 
Over the years I've heard a lot of criticism for this album. How it's not really a "Beatles" album because they basically worked as 4 solo artists. Or that due to the ego of each member, each refused to have any of his own songs cut resulting in several tracks that are weak. And some of the harshest criticism actually comes from The Beatles themselves.

But this album is what made The Beatles one of my favorite bands.
Yeah, there's a lot of music on there (it's a double album) and I love how much there is to listen to.

And each Beatle shines, as opposed to other albums where they kind of each take a turn looking good.
Paul delivers with classics like "Back In The USSR" and "Blackbird", John has "Dear Prudence" and "Revolution", George gives "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Piggies", and Ringo has his best songs with "Don't Pass Me By" and "Good Night".

But my favorite thing about this album touches on what Ringo tends to say about this album: It's The Beatles doing great rock and roll music. There's not this overproduction or theatrics accompanying it (although I do enjoy when these guys pull that off). But because of it's straightforward approach, I think it really makes it timeless. No matter what era you're in, The White Album is always significant and enjoyable.

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