No. 2- Pinkerton

Album: Pinkerton

Artist: Weezer

Year Released: 1996

I really got into this album...
Winter 2000

Favorite songs include...
“Across The Sea” 
“El Scorcho"
“The Good Life” 

Why it’s so good... 
Pinkerton is the little boy inside of me that I sometimes am embarrassed to admit exists. That was extremely true when I was introduced to it at the age of 14. It provided me the words, the sounds, the outward manifestation of what I had been feeling all along.

It is the rawest sounding record I've ever heard. I've talked a lot about how valuable I think rawness is in music, and this is the ideal example of what that sounds like. You hear it in the tone of the bass and guitars, you hear it in the style Pat plays the drums, and most of all you hear it in the way Rivers sings out those words.

And it's the words that are the most powerful to me.
How this guy managed to make such a catchy collection of songs while still writing such honest, sincere music is beyond me. Rivers writes of his fears of love and loneliness, his frustration with his insecurities, even the more awkward/intimate thoughts in his mind.
But it's all done with one intention- to express. And that's what music is about. Not making money, not to gain popularity, and I don't even know if it's to change the world. I really think it's so much more personal than all that- music is about changing yourself. Rivers opens his heart- every intimate and embarrassing part- and in this process of letting it out he is changed. And so is the listener.

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  1. In terms of raw energy, I think Pinkerton is as close as you can get to creating a live record without it actually being live -- it's something that even very few live albums have pulled off.