No. 1- OK Computer

Album: OK Computer

Artist: Radiohead

Year Released: 1997

I really got into this album...
Circa 1998

Favorite songs include...
“Let Down” 
“No Surprises” 

Why it’s so good... 
Radiohead has become the favorite band of any cool kid.
They are trendy, in a weird not trendy way. If that makes any sense at all.

Because of this it's easy to forget why Radiohead is probably the most creative, revolutionary band since (dare I say it?) The Beatles. And the fact that they genuinely don't care what people think- it's a cliche idea that you can typically see is artificial from other acts but they're the real deal. They make music because they want the world to be better. Not just the world at large, but more the world that surrounds them.
Thom Yorke's imagery on this album is nothing short of haunting- he took a step back as the world basked in its technology and achievements to realize the danger we faced of losing our identity as humans. He captured the emotion of everyone who, though appreciative of the world they live in and the opportunities that come with technology, are desperate for to feel more than the cold hard plastic of automobiles and iPods.

The best track, in my opinion, is "Let Down". Simply because it captures the general vibe and message of the whole album. Who hasn't felt this rush of energy and passion flow over them- the desire to metaphorically grow wings in a chemical reaction? The need to fly off and experience life through a real interaction, not by television or youtube.

And Yorke's work is only that much stronger with the presence of his fellow bandmates- most notably Phil Selway on drums (see: "Airbag", the guy is a walking drum machine) and lead guitarist Johnny Greenwood, one of the most skilled and creative guitar players since the Woodstock era. Greenwood's most impressive work is the track "Paranoid Android", a song filled with movements of both the beautiful and the dangerous. The guitar work on that song will blow your mind.

But the best thing about the album- I really think it taught me how to be bold in music.
To not fear coming off as pretentious, but rather take your art as far as you can. Make it important. Treat it as such.
All music sounds different after you hear this album. Nothing compares.

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