No. 3- Clarity

Album: Clarity

Artist: Jimmy Eat World

Year Released: 1999

I really got into this album...
Winter 2001

Favorite songs include...
“Table For Glasses” 
“Just Watch The Fireworks"
“For Me This Is Heaven” 

Why it’s so good... 
Being from Mesa, you tend to find that people have a clear opinion on Jimmy Eat World. Either they're an amazing band that you grew up with and love, or they are your sister's friends band who you have tolerated hearing about since high school.

I challenge anyone who does not have a fond appreciation for JEW to sit down and listen to Clarity- the band's finest piece of work and one of the best albums I've ever heard. Like any great album, it is an experience to listen to.

Jim Adkins writing is at its peak on this record- both with his commercial appeal and especially in the way he is so genuine and heartfelt with each song. "Lucky Denver Mint" is one of those songs that is so catchy and fun, you can never quite get it out of her head (and you're totally ok with that too). And then you have the song "For Me This Is Heaven"- one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard. I can't listen to it without having my heart race and get goosebumps.

And I love the balance of emo rock band (see "Crush" and "Your New Aesthetic") and gorgeous orchestra-present tunes (see "Just Watch The Fireworks" and "Table For Glasses"). And definitely one of the highlights of the album is its finale- the 16 minute epic that is "Goodbye Sky Harbor". You'd think it gets old and boring, but if you're really litening it's actually a brilliantly constructed piece of art- one of Adkins finest moments.

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  1. I think your favorites of this album are mine as well.